Slight TMI but Shout Outs to Rockstar Docs

There is nothing like a bowl of instant miso soup with tofu and wakame after having several weeks of hardcore surgeries, hospital stays, pain, and sucky life. A bowl of miso can cure so much.
I’m doing better today than I was this past week. Surgery was the 15th and to be honest, I didn’t feel safe in the hospital. It was too short staffed and I was reaching panic levels of GET ME THE FUCK OUT. So coming home was great. Having a massive purge of my intestines when I came home wasn’t but I think a lot of that had to do with the built up stress and just being done with it. I can’t really even crack an emotional purge because I think I just shut everything down.
And this is also going to be a TMI because… I honestly didn’t know. I was diced up pretty badly between my bladder and kidney tubes. I have tubes coming out of me still and will be that way for about a month. And honestly, I’ve been very appreciative to everyone who has reached out and said hey and get well. It’s been a constant pain roller coaster and there are moments when I’m like… why the fuck didn’t I just shotgun whiskey and pain killers to get this over with because fucking hell.
But you know, I’ve gotta get thru it. Gotta happen. Besides, I’ve got series to finish. 😀
The doctors have been great. My OB/GYN is a rock star for tackling an 8 lb uterus out of me and its bristle of fruit-sized fibroids. Apparently the average uterus is the size of a pear and weighs 5 ounces (141 grams) so… yeah. That’s why that surgery took a bit. The resulting bladder and kidney damage of course meant more surgery and my doc for that also is a rock star… not only because he looks like he could be a Bollywood star but also because he constantly gave credit to his team and their opinions, including the Department Head who is a woman. Much respect for both of these men. I feel very invested in and didn’t even mind that a bunch of surgeons Facetimed my robotic kidney, bladder, and vaginal repairs for the 8 hours it took. I can’t imagine that being interesting but apparently it was. They were all very excited.
Which is kind of nice. Good to have doctors excited about stitching bits and pieces of you back up. I owe them all macarons and blessings. My poor primary doc is having to play catchup because well, all of this shifted EVERYTHING in my guts and I don’t have high blood pressure any more. It’ll be a new normal. Or rather the normal I should have been having.
So there you go. An update. Hopefully the next one will be about something silly.
And yes I do have pictures of the fibroids because dudes, my innards looked like a Buddha’s hand and I’d been carrying that for years.

13 thoughts on “Slight TMI but Shout Outs to Rockstar Docs

  1. Kathy Stice

    The human body is an amazing thing… until something breaks and then it’s just annoying as hell. Having been through a bunch of this crap myself, I feel for you, but it sounds like they finally got things straightened out. Things will be so much better when you’re all healed up. And no more high blood pressure?!? I’m so jealous! Take care!

  2. Deb Bartlett

    Huzzah to your rock star docs — and to you for getting through it all! Rest and recover — all your fans love you and wish you the best. And we’ll be here ready to read/listen on when you feel up to writing!

  3. Judy Stone

    8 hours of surgery? Good grief. Glad you weren’t awake for all that! Stay hydrated, and rest and recover. And for goodness sake, let people pamper you!

  4. Douglas Cole

    Your a much stronger person than anyone deserves. You are the Rock Star … your Keith Richard’s and that lamprey was destined to be excised ,.. peace and love and thoughts of happiness are your reward now.

  5. Monica S

    I’m so happy that you’re home and that you have the comfort of miso soup. Congratulations on not having high blood pressure anymore. it sounds like you had the right team of doctors. I don’t know what to say about the picture. My first thought was mutated vegetable. Again, I’m so happy that you’re home and feeling better!

  6. Kari Lee

    So happy to hear you are safe and recovery is going well. Sending positive thoughts for rapid healing❤️

  7. Jane

    It sounds like a nightmare. But the worst is behind you and it should be downstream from here. I hope you feel better soon.

  8. Debbie Hamelin

    Yep been there. It takes a while to recupe but you will feel so much better when you do. Do as much walking as you can when the docs give you the go ahead. It took me almost 2 yrs. Had uterus and large bowel out and J pouch installed. You will be great cause you have an awesome positive attitude.

  9. retdatlast

    A sense of humour goes a long way to helping recovery. That and soup. And a couch potato, of course.

    Take care and take the time you need to get all better.

  10. Boukje Faber

    After seeing the picture of the fibroids and reading about your 8 hour operation, I am thinking that it is no wonder that you are in pain. Please be kind to yourself and to your body, I think that you are a rockstar too!

  11. Mary Bronstein

    I hope your recovery is going well and you start feeling better soon. The very worst is behind you; now you can focus on all the positive energy you are receiving! 💜

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