Today’s BORKING REPORT! Marching On!

The Potato was up and ready when his Auntie Paige arrived. He took a little bit to sniff her out because well, she’s not quite known but then after a scritch, he was all… OH HEY! YEAH!
I of course spent a few seconds talking to her so we were promptly scolded about it. Because… BORKING is serious business and when it’s time to BORK, it is TIME TO BORK! Talk later.
He continued to scold and gossip as he went out, par for the course for the Potato and when he came home, he was over the moon and rolling about. Auntie Paige sat down and chatted for a few moments, giving him more scritches and I was able to unload about five pounds of Lion Coffee onto her. Trust me, we do not lack coffee in this house. SO MUCH COFFEE. I periodically send it off because I just can’t consume that much.
Gus was quite happy and tired, crashing hard about an hour later and Paige discovered you just cannot slow-his-roll when he’s out BORKING. He’s a strong little dog with opinions and he’s there to patrol. He did stop and potty, which is a huge sign of trust for him because he doesn’t potty outside of his back yard unless he trusts who he’s with. So kudos to Paige for that.
And right now, he’s snoring like he’s a band saw. Full belly, warm bed, and a safe home.
From his Auntie Paige:
Good morning! 🙂 I just realized by looking at this picture attached to hear that me and Gus match today! We’ve both got purple and blue on. 🙂
As mentioned, he did all his business while on patrol down the street. Thank you so much!
Best, Paige

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