It’s been a crazy time…

I swear to God I am not dead. Mostly just trying to get things done but also trying to balance out the severe fatigue that plagues me. Hopefully that’ll be eased a lot on the 31st after my surgery but it’s good to stay cautious and manage expectations. Getting your head on straight sometimes takes a bit and often times, I’ve noticed I assume the “blame” for something going upside down.

Habit? Ingrained conditioning? That kind of thing. Dunno. Not to say there aren’t times when I’ve fucked up but there are times when people have just lost their shit and you’ve done nothing wrong. Hard to deal with the shit-losing because I pick it apart like a salad I didn’t make. What’s in this? Why is that there? Onion or… pickled something or other?

I’ve finished up a small project and need to circle back to the big one… as well as working on a crafty thing for someone else. It actually helps focus my brain a bit and it’s nice to just hum along and do something fun without having any expectations of deadlines and all of that. I don’t have to edit artsy things that I’m doing for fun.

Covers and stuff, yes. 😀 Because that’s the way things are.

I need to make kau yuk soon. I’ve been craving it and it’s such an old school Asian dish that no one makes it at restaurants here. You can find it in Hawai’i but definitely not in San Diego. I wonder if there’s someplace in SF that makes it. I’ll have to go digging. It’s easy enough to make.

Oh, if you’re a member of my facebook group, I’m having an AMA on the 26th. Two actually to try to hit all the time zones. So stop by if you are interested! If you’ve not joined the FB group, join and answer the 3 questions, most to assure everyone you’re not there to sell them anything.

4 thoughts on “It’s been a crazy time…

  1. Christle Walton

    Finishing up Silk Drago Salsa. I Love all your books I had everyone of them in paperback and kindle until my house burned down. But….I’m slowing getting them all purchased again. 🙁 but I’m hoping there is a fifth book to the Kai Gracen series! Hope you’re feeling better soon, and that all things go well. Life kicks us in the ass constantly but we gotta keep kicking it back.

  2. Boukje Faber

    Whising you luck, good health and strenght for your medical procedure tomorrow. I will be thinking good thoughts for you.

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