First BORKING with his Auntie Paige!

Today’s BORKING REPORT! First time with Auntie Paige!
There definitely was some… Wait, Who Are YOU? today when Paige opened the door instead of Jessica but after a few sniffs, The Potato was all… OH YEAH! I met you! You gave me scritches. He wasn’t hesitant to go but he knew it wasn’t Jessica for sure. We sadly stopped and chatted for a few seconds and was promptly scolded by the Potato for holding up the Bork.
Because Borking is Serious Business.
Which we told Paige when she first came to visit. And boy he did not let her down. Most dogs do toddle about, stopping and sniffing when they go on walks. Gus DOES NOT. He doesn’t know what those other dogs are doing but a walk is for Borking, Giving Opinions, and Supervising Workers. On the off chance there is a wet lawn or even a wet fertilized lawn, then a good roll can be taken as a break but then it’s right back to work.
Today he was in high form because there was going to be a BORK and Paige just better keep up. Which she did and I think maybe she fell in love with the Potato just a bit. And when they came back to the house, he smiled and rolled about like a happy little blond ottoman and gave her many lols and snorkles. And rolled about some more.
Right now he’s passed out because well, it was a hard Borking shift and he’s going to need to rest up for the next one.
From his Auntie Paige:
It was so nice to walk Gus for the first time! It was just how you said- he was all business and ran the whole way to the end of the street and back. He barked at the guy across the street and your neighbor, but no worries, he didn’t start any trouble.
Thank you so much!

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