Last Borking Day with The Potato’s Auntie Jessica

Last Borking Day With Auntie Jessica
It actually is a sad day at the Cabin today as this was the final Borking with The Potato’s Auntie Jessica. She has been walking him for a few years and he was the only dog who remained her client thru the pandemic. She had other clients come and go but the Potato… who has always been her very favourite… has been with her since the beginning.
She was able to take him for a bork and he told her about his life and he got to scold the workers across the street. A typical Bork for him and his Auntie. The hardest part is, him not knowing this was the last time.
When they got back, she was able to spend a very long time giving scritchies and pets. And that’s when she told us today was her last day with the dog walking company and Gus was her very last walk. She wanted to say goodbye and give love to her Potato as her final hurrah. He will miss her. He loves her dearly and spent a good deal of time rolling around on the floor with her.
Of course, we’re all sobby a bit but I know she will do well. She is hoping to adopt a pit-mix named Bear who has a fear of the outside and we told her to please have them contact us so we can recommend her for Bear’s placement as she’s worked with Gus’ fear aggression for years and is familiar with all of the processes we use to de-escalate and keep him on an even keel.
So a very sad day for the humans and a very happy, satisfying day for the Potato. His Auntie Paige starts on Monday and we’ll see how they get on. I think it’ll be fine.
Best of Luck, Jessica!
From his Auntie Jessica
I had so much fun with Gus these past 2 years! I will miss him so much! I hope he does well with Paige and gives her as much love as he gave me. Thanks so much for everything and I wish you all the best!
Best, Jessica

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