First Bork of March!

Today’s Borking Report…
This is the next to the last Auntie Jessica walk with the Potato. I wasn’t home for this one but I will be for the last one and then for his first one with Auntie Paige.
But I did get reports that he was a grumpy old man and didn’t want to get out of bed but then… I imagine as always, he saw his Auntie and was like… Dunno who those people are, gotta go now.
I came home and it was warm out so we had all the fans on in the house… house is very cool inside and the Potato just slept thru me coming in and the cats serenading me. Because he’s like that. But once he rambled on it, he gave me a grin and much tail wags… then right back to sleep in his living room bed.
It’s a tough Potato life.
From his Auntie Jessica
Gus was walking fast today! I think maybe he just wanted to get back inside! It was a hot day but I think he liked the heat. Hope he gets plenty of rest and treats!
Best, Jessica

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