Last Borking Day in Feb!

Today’s Borking Report!
We only have TWO more walks with Auntie Jessica and then Auntie Paige will take over. She came by to visit with the Potato and he gave his Potato approval very quickly, rolling over for scritches and belly rubs. Auntie Jessica arrived at the end of the session and took the Borker out so Auntie Paige had the unique experience of hearing him sing the song of his people as he left the house.
Which I am sure the neighbours love but hey, if I have to listen to a really off key church band the entire summer, they can listen to my dog bark for a minute.
Okay, the band isn’t the neighbourhood’s fault but I’m placing it there, damn it.
It was cold today. Probably should / could have dressed the Potato a bit warmer but he literally was out the door before you could say BOO when his Auntie got here. We’ll see how it is on Tuesday.
From his Auntie Jessica:
Gus was so happy today. I’m glad he liked the new walker! He did do a bit of barking and saying hi to everyone we passed. He did a lot of rolling around in the grass too! I think he loved the warmer weather today.
Best, Jessica

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