Tonight’s Dinner: Dual Dishes!

Tonight’s dinner is a dual dish. Andi is doing vegetarian for a while and I had a craving for an Old School Hawaiian favourite. So tonight Andi has Kung Pao Tofu with blistered green beans and for me, Sweet Sour Chinese Spare Ribs.



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  1. Nancy Staab

    If you’d like to share the recipe for Sweet Sour Chinese Spare Ribs, that would be super nice 😊

    1. I left out the pineapple and added more brown sugar. You can also use pork shoulder / butt chopped into big cubes. The Spare Ribs are best if it’s the soft bone so boneless is good. If you don’t want to Instapot or pressure cooker, it can go on the stove for a couple of hours. To be honest, I brown the meat, toss everything in, stir and just let it do its thing. None of this half in, half out, brown this. Just brown everything, add liquid then let it cook.


      1 tablespoon cooking oil of choice
      4 pounds spare ribs
      1 small onion, sliced
      1/2 cup brown sugar
      1/2 cup rice vinegar
      1/2 cup shoyu
      1/2 cup water
      5 garlic cloves, minced
      1 inch ginger, sliced
      1 can (20 ounces) pineapple chunks
      3 tablespoons cornstarch
      2 tablespoons water


      Set the Instant Pot to saute mode.
      Add oil and half of the spare ribs to the inner pot of the Instant Pot. Cook until browned. Remove the ribs and set aside.
      Add onions and saute until translucent. Then add the remainder of the spare ribs and cook until browned. Add the previously cooked ribs back to the Instant Pot.
      To a bowl add brown sugar, rice vinegar, shoyu, water, garlic, ginger, and the juice from the pineapple can. Do not add the pineapple chunks yet. Mix to combine and pour in to the Instant Pot.
      Place the lid on the Instant Pot and set to sealing.
      Cook on manual high pressure for 25 minutes. Allow 10 minutes natural pressure release then quick release.
      Mix the cornstarch and water then add it to the pot to help thicken the sauce.
      Stir in pineapple chunks and ENJOY!


      *Be sure to get pineapple chunks in juice, not syrup.

      *Rice vinegar has a more subtle flavor than other types of vinegar. Replace this with apple cider or regular vinegar for more tang.

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