First Borking Report of the Year!

We haven’t had a Borking Report in a long time because of the Holidays and Auntie Jessica getting COVID. She’s all better now and thankfully had been vaxxed so it wasn’t too bad but still, distancing happens! Masking works! Eat your veggies.
You would have thought the Queen of England had arrived to have tea with the Potato when she opened the front door. Doggo lost his shit. He was borking up a happy storm and just so freaking loving her appearance. Without even a backwards glance, he was gone and telling the world his Auntie was back.
And when he returned, we discovered someone in the neighbourhood apparently used fish emulsion on their lawn and the Potato came in smelling like a can of sardines and the dredged up debris from Kane’ohe Bay. So it was a good Borking Day when AUNTIE JESSICA IS BACK and I SMELL LIKE DEAD THINGS! are combined in one morning.
Luckily it was 99% on his coat…thank god he was wearing his coat… so he got spritzed with deodorizer which then of course drives Goji insane because it’s her crack and Harley got to rub on his harness… because she’s missing a screw and loves this dog to the Nth.
But… a Good Potato Day was had.
From his Auntie Jessica (who we laughed with when he came in reeking to high Hell):
Gus was so excited to see me today! Sorry he got really stinky! He just loves rolling around in the grass. I’ll see him soon!
Best, Jessica

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