Sunday Morning, Go For A Ride…

I’m not a Beatles fan. Can take or leave them but oddly enough, the lyrics stick in my head.

We have company and are going to get dim sum today. Well in a couple of hours since dim sum is a breakfast / brunch thing. It’s a cart restaurant so you’re kind of at the mercy of the Aunties pushing the dim sum around but they’re pretty good about making sure to stop and ask if you want braised chicken feet. And well, other things.

It’s gonna be stinking hot here today because of course it is. The weekdays have been great but as soon as you catch a whiff of a Saturday or Sunday, it goes up 20 degrees. Very irritating.

So we’ll see how things go today but hopefully we’ll be able to move about without too much trouble today.

I shouldn’t start my morning off with the words… Goji, don’t eat the couch but there we are. This is my life.

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