Today’s Borking Report… Tues Oct 5

Finally after many days of not going borking due do weather and well, a socially exhausted Potato, the Gus has gone out with his Auntie Jessica today.
When she arrived, he gave her a bit of a sideeye because he was all… where have you been? But then he went out and had a good long bork, catching her up on the past two weeks. There was a LOT of borking.
He came home, had some water and then got a coconut water wipedown because he’s a bit… ripe. But that’s from the anti-itch spray used on him. He smells much better now and the sunburn he had is healing nicely.
So it was a successful bork and he’s staring out the back window. Because you know, borking is hard work.
From his Auntie Jessica:
Great to see Gus again! He was so happy to get outside. He actually did poop on the grass today instead of the sidewalk! He loved rolling around in all the wet grass.
Regards, Jessica.

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