August 17 Borking Report!

It was actually overcast and cool this morning so the Borker was very comfortable when he headed out. I’m hoping this weather continues for a bit considering it was too hot for him to go out last week.
Even though the temp might be “doable” for a dog walk, the very pale sidewalks and black asphalt usually are not because they can get hot very fast. And oven-hot cement and roads means blistered paws. So, I try to be extremely careful about the Potato going on Borks during hot days.
He was very happy to see his Auntie Jessica today and when he came back, cavorted about and got a LOT of scritches. It’s hard work Borking to Protect the neighbourhood but today it seems like he accomplished all he set out to do.
Including sleep off his arduous morning.
From his Auntie Jessica:
It was great to see Gus today! He actually did poop on the walk this morning too. He was barking like normal in the first half of the walk but he was actually pretty quiet on the way back!

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