Boom Boom

There’s something about the blues. Dunno why. Dunno how. But they hook in deep and hit something inside of me. I’m not the first person who’s felt that way. And I sure as hell won’t be the last.

Now while the Blues Brothers movie is awesome and truly sparked a renewed interest in the blues, the music itself had a long and storied history in American culture. It’s given us so much and well, has served as the pulse of so many of our loves, hates, wars and peace. Countless authors are inspired by the grittiness of the music and well, we can’t even begin to list the number of musicians who have embraced the blues not only as their specific form of music but also built upon it, adding twists and turns to its hooks and slides.

I’m sharing one of my faves. John Lee Hooker. Man knew his way around a tune.

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