The Bork came early this week because Auntie Jessica’s schedule so the Borker was a bit stubborn about getting his kit on but once we got him dressed… and he was done being a deadweight Potato in the middle of the living room floor, he was happy.
It’s cool enough for him to have something on when he goes out. I do this for a few reasons… one, he does have allergies and two, the little bastard LOVE rolling in wet and dirty grass. He shouldn’t be that filthy but here we are. Last bath he was given, he left enough dirt in the tub I could have grown a batch of green onions.
But he came home, cavorted, got snuggled and then crashed… because BORKING is a hard job. He also had a VERY exciting and fun-filled weekend so it was simply an exhausting few days.
From his Auntie Jessica:
Gus looked so cute all dressed up today! There was no one out this morning so he was quiet for the most part. He did also go poop on the walk. He seemed tired from the weekend but I’ll see him soon!

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