It’s rainy and cold out today but there was a brief spat of sunshine that coincided with the Potato’s borking trot today. He was geared up and well…while I wanted the Blond Potato to go out because he really needed a good Bork, I should get him a black harness if I’m going to dress him because the orange one clashes with his blue fleece coat or I could get a coat that’s more colour appropriate to the harness. He looked like a mad Portuguese auntie dressed him.

He came home happy and panting and then after a brief snorkel in the water dish… and I do mean snorkel because he goes ears deep into the water, he came for scritches and love to both me and Auntie Jessica. He then said goodbye to her after she tested out the new living room chair to make sure it was more comfortable than the other one (it’ll need a bit of breaking in). Following his farewells, he began his post-walk cavort in his bed (video included) and now is snoring off in pupper-land for a well-deserved nap.

It’s really hard being a Potato. His life is just one whirlwind of activity after even followed by napping.

And then snackies. And belly rubs.

From his Aunt Jessica:
It was nice and cool out for Gus this morning. He had so much fun rolling around in the grass! He was pretty calm too since there weren’t many people out!
Best, Jessica

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