Bread and Butter Pickles… and Words

Right now I’m having a very late dinner of a faux shark cooterie board of butter crackers, salami, pepperoni, cheddar, colby jack, and bread and butter pickles. The pickles in question are Mt. Olive and come in a bag. The first time I encountered them was in the South at a highway stop and well, love at first bite. So… they’re a part of dinner tonight.

I don’t like pickles on sandwiches. Or relishes in my chicken / tuna / egg salad. Or any kind of salad actually. I do like relish on hot dogs. MMMMmmmmm Chicago dogs. But I do love a good pickle. But not chutney. Chutney and I have never truly made friends.

Now of course, kimchi counts as pickles so that’s a thing. But really pickled plums, pickled eggs, pickled pigs feet… all are okay. Dunno why. Must be the Portuguese influence. Lots of vinegar there. Or maybe the Japanese. Either way, pickled anything is good.

It’s going to storm like crazy tomorrow and we already had to postpone the Monday Borking Report because of high winds and rain. Hopefully it won’t be that way tomorrow because the Potato probably would like to go on at least one hard trot for this week. Even though he’s had a LOT of exercise going in and out of the house.

As well as borking at the lawn guys who came by Tuesday.

The house purge continues as I rearrange life. It’s an interesting exercise in figuring out what should be in my life and really how I fit into it. We’ll see what comes out on the other side.

The cats are adjusting to the upheaval well. Okay, to be fair, they really don’t give a shit because there’s food, sunbeams, and places to snooze. What more can they ask for? Oh… Badger needs to be walked a bit every day but you know, he’s weird.

If you want to try one of my favourite dishes, here’s the Foodland guy teaching how to cook pancit. Which is…. love love pancit. And with pata, dear God, it’s good. Easy to cook and the ingredients are pretty easy to get.

Oh… and I guess I actually better eat my dinner. Hope you all are doing okay. I’ll be rolling something out in a bit and I’m excited to bring that to you. Right now, I’m poking at the edges and working out a small social issue in the text that I’ve got to land right or it’ll come off…. meh. But that’s something I just want to get right.

Tell me what easily made dishes that you love… and even better, share with me a link to a recipe or video of it being made. I’m always up for a good new dish!

4 thoughts on “Bread and Butter Pickles… and Words

  1. Valerie J Barden

    Mt. Olive pixkles are the best! We get them in Wisconsin in gerkins by the jar! Sending pic.

    Just finished Demons What a ride and all sent up for another. Great read

  2. Cathy R

    My mother used to make bread and butter pickle. I love them but my mom doesn’t garden anymore (she is 81). If my garden would ever produce more than one or two cucumbers at a time I could make my own.

  3. I think I’ve worked out that pancit is what I cook quite often but I call it stirfry. Those are my most used ingredients, anyway. Lovely!! Not sure what you mean by pata. I don’t like vinegar very much so a lot of pickles don’t appeal to me – but I do make chutney with things from our garden (e.g. pears) and I quite like those sweet dill cucumbers. I’m promising/threatening to do a recipe post once a month starting in February so if you want some rather haphazard dishes, hop over and have a look!

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