Today was BORKING DAY for the Blond Potato!

Today was BORKING DAY!
The Blond Potato was MORE than ready to go today. And was very scoldy about the time his Aunt Jessica and I took to talk about where the waste bags were by the front door.
The garbage truck came by while he was on his walk but apparently that didn’t phase him…which is awesome because dudes, freaking loud and scary. But nope, he shrugged it off apparently. So a woot-happy day for the Borker.
Right now he’s doing his cooldown walk around the house. And came for scritches. Then rolled around because the AC is on, the house is cool and he’s snorfled in the water dish.
From his Aunt Jessica:
Gus was so excited this morning! So much energy! He barked a bit at some people but was pretty good. I hope he stays cool inside.
Best, Jessica

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