BORKING REPORT! Monday’s Bork!

First off, it’s really hot and muggy here. Was a bit concerned about the rising temp but it was still cool enough for him to go out. The Blond Potato was in no mood to be denied.
Sure as heck, as soon as he saw his Auntie Jessica, it was a scolding bork for her to hurry up the walk so he could go! Not even a glance back.
He’s in his cool down and probably later, I’m going to have to give him a bath because I think someone put fish emulsion on their yard or something because he’s… hauna. That’s a good Hawaiian word for all of you to learn. Hauna (HOW-nah). It means stinky. He’s grubby and a bit… redolent.
From his Auntie Jessica:
We took a long shade break about half way through. I wanted to make sure Gus stayed cool on this hot day! We had a fun walk though!

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