Announcing the Bad, Dad and Dangerous Anthology! And it includes a Wayward Wolf Story!

When the kids are away, these monsters WILL play. In Bad, Dad, & Dangerous, Bru Baker, Jenn Moffatt, TA Moore and I introduce you to the world of Monster Dads. Heartbreakingly hot men with dark(ish) sides and soft hearts.
Bad, Dad, and Dangerous
Bru Baker, Jenn Moffatt, TA Moore, and Rhys Ford

When the kids are away, the monsters will play.

School’s out for summer, and these dads are ready to ship their kids off to camp. Not just because their kids are monsters—whose aren’t?—but because they’re ready for some alone time to let their hair down and their fangs out. You see, not only are the kids monsters—their dads are too.

Even the most dangerous of creatures has a soft spot. These bad, dangerous dads love their kids to death, but they need romance.

Every year, for a few short weeks, these hot men with a little extra in their blood get to be who they truly are. And this year, life has a surprise for them. Whether they be mage, shifter, vampire, or changeling, these heartbreakingly handsome dads might be looking to tear up the town… but they’ll end up falling in love. All it takes is the right man to bring them to their knees.

Wolf at First Sight
AND I got to return to the Wayward Wolves universe with Wolf at First Sight!
In Wolf At First Sight… where we meet Gibson’s cousin, Levi Keller and Detective Joe Zanetti, the man he falls for while trying to keep rival supernatural factions from erupting into an all out war…
SFPD Lieutenant Joseph Zanetti has spent years protecting his city, and from the looks of St. Connal’s Pub and its bad-boy owner, Levi Keller, the place is a hotspot for trouble and violence. Joe’s problem? Levi is delectably hot, with secrets Joe can’t wait to dig into.
As a Peacekeeper for paranormals, wolf shifter Levi doesn’t need the complication of a hot cop sniffing around his pub when he’s just sent his teen son off to summer camp. He’s busy brokering a peace agreement between two warring factions.
When Joe stumbles into Levi’s world, both plunge into a situation neither one of them was ready for—falling in love.


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