Shrimpy Things and Words

There’s a few chapters left in the Kai book so I’m getting that taken care of. Yesterday was Bork Bork day for Gus as it was time for walkies. As many of you know, he has a dog walker named Jessica who takes him out for a HARD trot.

We’ve had to keep him from getting to enthusiastic about his walks. He DOES love them a lot but the problem is, he’s an old man. Or at least should be. Yet, he insists on doing a full power walk… a hard trot. He doesn’t pull per se but he wants to go about his business and demands a healthy pace. Most of the time, she can slow his roll. Yesterday he was having none of it and apparently told her, You’re young, Auntie Jessica, and own two German Shepherds with really long legs. Let’s go. I am a fast walking potato.

He came home very tired but happy. Gus doesn’t stop and smell the roses or where other dogs have peed. None of that. Walks are SERIOUS business and must be attended to. Stopping is done rarely and usually because there is wet grass to be rolled in. But even then, a bit of cavorting and then we are OFF!

He’s a strange little potato.

I’ve never had these. I’m very curious as to how they taste. Turn on subtitles for English words on the bottom *grins*

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