Welcoming the New Year

Looking forward to 2020, I am excited to see Cole and Jae coming back to my readers in Back in Black but… let’s revisit 2019 for a bit.

Well, 2019 was good and bad. Lots of fantastic things and trips followed by… well, some people really tried hard to make it a shitty end but all of that being said, I’ve written a lot, did a lot of art things, worked through some fucking crappy health things and scares as well as just dealing with people being all up in my business. I tend to be a private person on certain things… well, most things but I will always be honest with all of you about where I am in my head and well, of course, talking about Aspergers and all of that. It was a hard year for that too because dealing with how to change the language when talking about being on the spectrum has become very important. Vital, you might say.

But here’s the thing, despite all the fuckery, there’s been some great fantastic things. Like meeting readers at GRL, going to World Con and really having a great time, having a carnival break out in front of our AirBnB, getting a suntan in the Cotswolds in March while visiting with the Five, seeing everyone in Paris at the Salon and really just connecting and talking with everyone.

I came back to where it all began for me as a Dreamspinner writer by writing Back in Black, Book 1 of the McGinnis Investigations series as well as hit the midpoint of 415 Ink with Hellion. Ramen Assassin gave me a new couple to explore and let’s not forget Kai’s Jacked Cat Jive. I’m beginning the new year with Kai again and just finished doing the blog tour posts for Back in Black with Cole and Jae’s wedding.

Watched a LOT of Guy’s Grocery Games which allowed me to yell at chefs for their food choices, started Witcher and finished a few other shows in between writing. Tool dropped a new album and made me so freaking happy. It’s been a continuous play for my writing.

Picked up a new narrator for me in Kale Williams who did Ramen Assassin and of course my brother from another bloodline, Greg Tremblay kicked it up for a notch for Kai and he powered up to do Cole before the end of the year so the audiobook can drop at the same time as the book. Or close enough for it to count.

So, I’m leaving this post with a blast from the past… the first point of my career as Rhys Ford, a link to the Dirty Series. If you haven’t grabbed this series, I encourage you to do so. AND as a bonus, there’s a free ebook and audiobook on Dreamspinner as a thank you for everyone who followed the first series.

The Dirty Series (Cole McGinnis)

The Free Bonus of Dirty Bites, a gift from me, Greg Tremblay and DSP.

8 thoughts on “Welcoming the New Year

  1. Sue C

    Thank you Rhys for your 2019 achievements !
    • Love Cole and it makes my little heart smile that we get to spend time with them again 😊.
    • Kale Williams was a great choice of narrator for Ramen Assassin; and
    • 415 Ink and Kai’s adventures are always something to look forward too.

    Happy 2020 to you and I hope there is more good in it than bad !

  2. Heather Murgatroyd

    Thank you Rhys for some of the good things that happened in 2019, writing my tattoo in Hellion was so special to both me and David, I can’t thank you enough for that. I hope that 2020 is better for you health wise and here’s hoping that the detractors get a life and give up on trolling. I’m itching to get my hands on Cole and Jae’s book. Happy New Year.💕

  3. Dreamspinner had to remind me that I already owned Dirty Bites – well, yes, I checked and they were right. I’d even read it and given it five stars. Not really surprising because I’ve adored the series from the outset! But I’m extremely good at forgetting titles (and authors’ names, too, in some cases, though not yours). Looking forward to more from you in 2020 – and to meeting you in Southampton in September! Thank you for all the entertainment!

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