Examining 2019 and Looking Forward…

Wrote a long post then deleted it.
If you’re a close friend… (and I do try to be a very good friend), I value personal connection and support above all things.
People are either a close friend and understand how writing is a part of who I am and support my books and their purchase from whomever I pub with or they are someone I know. Or perhaps used to know. It hurts too much to try to work to maintain friendships with people who are actively turning their backs on me. So, I dunno. It tells me how much I matter.
2020 has to be a brutally honest with myself year. Some people don’t value my presence in their lives and I don’t think they should struggle to maintain that brittle, small-talk civility.
Because I suck at it.
The dog walker is coming and the trash truck is outside. I am hoping they’re gone before she gets here because he’s gonna lose his shit if he has to be walked next to a moving, growling, house sized vehicle.
This isn’t meant to be a “poor me” or emo post. It’s just… I need to work out some demons who are living rent free in my head. Newly moved in ones. Because God knows, I’ve already had a full belfry of bats there already.

11 thoughts on “Examining 2019 and Looking Forward…

  1. Katherine M Stice

    It’s taken me too damn many years to realize that all I have to focus on is the stuff that matters to me. People who can’t make time for me, who don’t make any effort, aren’t worth my time and energy. We are all grateful that writing is who you are, because you give us so much with it. So you do you, and I hope you can let the rest go. Love ya, Rhys!

  2. When I got so sick I had to stop working three years ago, all my “friends” save a number I can count on one hand stopped all contact. It made me realize who/what are important. I’ve had to make a lot of changes in my life, internal and external. Some days are a bigger battle than others. Thankfully, I found a place I can exist where people I have never met write the most extraordinary tales of men falling in love. I have learned so much about the LGBTQ community and though I can’t physically get out and actively support them, I can in other ways like through the Trevor project.

    You guys (authors) are my rock stars. And as long as you keep writing, I will keep showing support and fangirling like crazy! 💖🌈💖

    Rock 🎸 the hell out of 2020! I believe in you!✨

    1. Renee Altz

      I’m right there with you. I have a friend/family member who I was extremely close to and now I’m barely tolerated. No idea why or what happened, just cut off. It hurts like hell and I’m still struggling. This year, I need to let it go. It’s hard but it has to be done for my sake.

      We’re in this together and we’ll get thru it the same way. You’re a terrific writer and a good person and I value what you do.

      Here’s to a better 2020.

  3. Not altogether sure how a mildly sad post made me laugh – but it did. I suppose the dog and the house-sized vehicle at the end! I do hope everything happened in the right order.

    I love your writing. I love even more that you have angels and demons and hot guys taking up residence in your head because I know I’m not alone! (I used to think all writers had active conventions in their heads – characters, people they’d met who might become parts of characters, people they needed to think about… and then I found out not everybody functions that way.)

    I think when there are any major crossroads in your life (of any kind), you find out who your friends are and get to differentiate them from mere acquaintances.

    1. My head is so fucking busy! I’m like… dude, I’ll get over there in a second. Working on this now. 😀

      The dog had a great time. He came back very tired and happy. 😀

  4. I’m a usually silent lurker, but I’ll step up and say bravo. I enjoy your posts, respect your opinions (in the, Huh. I hadn’t thought about it that way. Time to reevaluate sense) LOVE your books, and will be in your corner until you kick me out. ❤️

  5. Kate Copeland

    I stumbled on one of your ebooks a while ago (black Dog Blues), and then went looking and found the Sinners Series – all of which I enjoyed. I’ve also read and enjoyed the Half Moon Bay books and more recently Ramen Assassin and the 415 Ink books.
    I’m an older woman living in Australia so probably not a typical reader – but I’ve really enjoyed your stories – currently waiting to read another story about Kai or maybe Trey and Kuro.
    Just wanted to say – keep up the good work – it may be challenging to be a writer – but just remember you’ve got lots of people waiting for your next creation.
    Best wishes, Kate

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