Chinese Food and Holidays

Oddly enough, our traditional holiday meal on Christmas Day has ended up being Chinese from a family-owned place we’ve gone to for years. Today was no exception. The place was packed, not unusual but really packed which made things a bit crazy. Still, we ordered and talked and craned our necks to see if that was our food coming and dismissed the plates being carried out of the kitchen because there was too much green.

I’d forgotten to order veggies but to be fair, it wouldn’t have fit on the table and we were already having a buffet of meat. It was an old school dinner with char siu and bao, crispy roast pork (so good it can make someone from Singapore long for it), beef and daikon hot pot stew, beef chow fun dry style and walnut shrimp.

Oh and rice.

They apologized for the delay in getting food to the table. Dudes, there were like 200 people in that place and from the looks of things, lean on staff. It was way more busy than I’d seen it on Christmas. I mean it’s INSANE on New Years and Lunar New Year but still, this was insane.

It was worth it. Because the company was great. We got the Auntie to take the order of the people next to us because they’d been lost in the shuffle and they chose the duck which was a good choice because damn the duck there is good.

But there is only so much food you can eat. Even if you want all 225 items on the menu.

It’s great having company in and they brought a spare dog. Nadya is an older lady dog who seems to have taken to Gus and Gus in turn has taken to her. He’s been very polite to her and excited when she comes in. She’s no help against the Badger-menace but still, what is?

BUT still, we have had a miracle at our house. This…

All three animals. Within striking distance of each other. That they did themselves! And look how close Badger is to the dog! Okay to be fair, the dog was there first and the cats came by to lie down next to him, sending Gus the Dog into a panic attack but still, he sat there motionless until it became apparent he was in no danger.

Then he noped out of there before another picture could be taken.

So, today has been a good day. I only hope it has been for you and remember, practice self care which includes being nice to yourself. You’re worth that pause in the day and a deep cleansing breath. Drink your water. Tell yourself a joke. *hugs*

Merry Everything!

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