And Now I’m Back… From Outer Space…

Well, from the UK at least.

I brought home a lung / cold / thingie so I’ve been down for the count for the past week and well, it’s not been great. Lots of things happening on my end but nothing that’s at the bubbling point to share.

Um… the dog got a severe grooming and he’s sleeping it and a hearty dinner off in his dog bed.

In other news, I and a few other DSP authors will be at the LA Times Book Festival next weekend! There will be mass market copies available of a whole bunch of books so… very excited! I’m glad to be able to offer a lower price point to readers on books. And well, the new covers for Kai… man, they look good in that matte small paperback size. I adore Chris McGrath’s artwork and am so thankful he stepped in to do them.

I will be officially signing books on SUNDAY April 14th at 1 to 2 PM but I’ll be around so come by the booth and check things out! As always, bring anything you want signed and come chat us up!

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