In Great Britain…

The Cotswolds to be specific.

I am sitting on a lake… well I think it’s a pond really but I’m assured it’s a lake… with a swan and some geese to keep me company as well as the Five.

I’ve got some work done on Murder 3 today and looking forward to having some dinner out. It’s an overcast day but honestly, it’s an nice sit and stare out the window kind of house. I might even take a nap. We’re forbidden to feed the ducks and other water fowl but perhaps there will be some frozen peas accidentally dropped off the balcony because come on…. they’re water puppies!

Rook and Dante are proving to be pains in the asses but I shall wrangle them in. Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “In Great Britain…

  1. Sue Kesby

    Yay! We’re standing on the same soil! That’s probably as close as we’re likely to get. Have a great visit and enjoy our damp but beautiful island.

  2. Cherry Starr

    “Water puppies”. I love that!
    My Mom likes to watch house hunter type shows. Sometimes they crack me up when the real estate person says “your own private lake!”. I guess it’s all in your perspective because here the neighbor’s pond is 4x the size. Lol.
    Hope you are having a great time.

  3. I am jealous of you being in GB!

    but mostly,. i am here because i was FINALLY able to get the latest Kai book [i am on SSDI, and i only get 750 a month. i pay the bills the day i get paid, then my roommate pays me back through the month. so i wasn’t able to order the book until this week. because something went wrong with my pre-order, amazon is trying to figure out how i got charged but never got the book, and i STILL don’t have the refund from that, and anyway none of that has anything to do with you, moving on]

    I AM SO IN LOVE WITH KAI IT IS RIDICULOUS, and the ending was just!!!!!!!!!!!
    i admit to being sad that Kerrick, instead of GROWING THE EFF UP and being converted because both Kai and Ryder are **AWESOME** but, well, villains are generally villains because the are too stupid to see that good is better, na da?

    anyway. i mostly want to say *THANK YOU* for writing. i’m still slowing back filling your earlier books that i don’t have, but the Kai series is where i started, and i am *SO HAPPY* to have this one, and i REALLY CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE; WHEN I TAKE OVER THE WORLD YOU ARE ON THE LIST OF WRITERS WHO WILL BE KEPT IN LAVISH STYLE SO YOU HAVE NO REASON TO DO ANYTHING BUT WRITE ME MORE BOOKS!!!!!!

    *EEEE* i’m still high from reading it, sorry, but it was SO GOOD THANK YOU!!!

    1. Heh… I am so glad you liked it! I do have the plot for Four brewing in my head. The Cotswolds are nice but I have a pretty bad cold so I’m sort of wiped out at the moment. Not fun but hopefully it’ll clear up before I have to get on a plane.

      Xoxo Watch DSP Publications for Sales when a Kai book comes out. Sometimes they go down as low as four dollars! *grins*

      1. EEP and oh noes! i send you GoodThoughts(tm) that you are better ASAP! that really sucks, and i do hope it doesn’t ruin your trip
        [still jealous, though 😀 ]

        that is a great tip, and i appreciate you giving it! but does that affect the money you get? because that’s why i’m so often slow to buy books — i want to PAY for them, so i’m sure the author gets their royalties…

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