So I’ve been sick… then at a Book Festival

It’s been a crazy week. And I need to actually update this more often because I’m home and things seem to be churning by really quickly.

Let’s talk about authory things because there is SO much in the works.

I’ve got mass market copies from the printer of ALL the Kai books, Sinners’ Gin, Devil Take Me and dudes, they look so good. I had the pleasure of seeing them for the first time this weekend at the LA Times Book Festival and you know, while I love my Kindle, there’s something special about that vanilla sweet tea scent of traditional paperback pulp.

I’ve just come home from Los Angeles and if you are even in driving distance of the LA Times Book Festival during that yearly event, you HAVE to go. I don’t even care if you don’t come to see us at the Dreamspinner Booth but okay, I’d miss you BUT just the event alone is awesome. I however did not get a sushi burrito and I am bummed. We did drink ALL of the iced tea though.

I got to see some great people and meet new readers so if you came by, THANK YOU!

I am setting Murder 3 aside for a couple of months to work on a sooper seekrit project. I am very excited about it. AND I have to arrange a cover reveal for Hellion in a bit. Ramen Assassin is just around the corner and I really hope that you all have grabbed a copy from the Dreamspinner site when it was on sale. Or any of the other book selling sites. 😀 It’s gonna be so much fun.

I have to do another Castlingo soon and if there’s anything you guys want me to talk about for 77 seconds, let me know. I’ll take down requests and then start working down the list!

2 thoughts on “So I’ve been sick… then at a Book Festival

  1. Kari Lee

    Thanks for the update. Just preordered Ramen. Glad you had a good weekend and are feeling better.

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