Stuff! And More Stuff! Okay, not really.

I’m probably going to ramble here for a moment just to check in with all of you.

Hellion (Ivo’s story from 415 Ink) is coming along well. After the initial 45K-ish toss of the first go at it, it’s shifted better and settling in. I’m looking forward to seeing where I can go with it.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading of late, mostly to cleanse my brain. Since I don’t read the genre I’m writing, I’ve been eyeball deep in mysteries. And doing series binges. There’s been a couple where I’ve said… oh man, no…this isn’t for me but for the most part, it’s been good.

Making plans for Paris and London in March. That means pulling the swag out and taking inventory. I will have some unique to Euro swag, including a backstage pass from the Sinners crew. Rebel and Savior will be available for pick up at the DSP booth at the Salon du Livre so if you’ve ordered ahead, be sure to grab some of the 415 Ink swag.

I probably will be at MxM and Reines-Beaux booth at some point but I don’t have the schedule. I’ll let you know what that is.

I DO know we’ll be at the Booking Office at the St Pancras on March 14th for the reader meet. I’ll roll out that information in a bit and start gathering RSVPs because it’s a small space and we need a headcount.

AND Ramen Assassin is into edits so… we’ll be talking more about that book and what’s going on there soon. I really liked writing it and I’m looking forward to sharing the cover!

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