Wanna Talk About Something Stupid.

Did you ever notice some people are violently aggressive in their hatred for Starbucks.

Like lose their fucking shit if they even see the logo crazy.

The same holds true for Amazon and other companies. There’s animosity against Apple or PCs, stirred up by social media and commericals. And entire campaigns have been waged over Walmart and Target for various reasons. Articles and opinions flung about in a constant battle to influence people.

Here’s the thing… I think sometimes we’re so busy fighting for our “flag” of choice, we forget something… in a lot of cases, it’s none of our fucking business.

I’m not talking about civil rights or environmental initiatives… I’m talking about someone liking a coffee chain and getting attacked for it by someone who doesn’t pay their bills or is a part of their lives.

Some companies are problematic in some areas. Not going to lie about that. Chik-fil-A will never get a dime of my money but I’m not going to fight a friend over the fact they stop for chicken nuggets. I can speak out against their practices but I’m not going to police someone’s choices based on my own. People aren’t going to change doing something unless they want to change… be it for social concerns or simply personal taste.

I get it. We’re all social warriors at some level and with different passions but honestly, I could give a flying fuck if you think Starbucks burns their beans. I know that’s not true. But that’s my own take on things (also, burnt beans turn into powder and can’t be ground but you know, physics or so I’ve seen and been told). I also don’t care if you don’t drink your coffee with bells and whistles and hate pumpkin spice lattes. I don’t like PSLs either but you know what? I’m not going to drink one and it’s not going to be found by a four year old who will then shoot and kill their younger sibling with it.

Because THAT kind of shit is where I need to get angry. That’s where I need to speak up. And I invite you to speak up with me… but keep in mind, people are going to scream to drown you out and for some reason, they just can’t seem to understand we’re sick and tired of our kids being slaughtered.

I want to save my outrage for something that matters. Because I’ve got finite energy. And time. People are tired. And I think we’re all tired of being angry. Choose your battles isn’t just sound advice, I think it’s a good way to maintain your sanity. Or at least mine.

And did you notice there’s no hardcore battles about KFC vs Popeye’s? I mean no one gets into long dissertations about how KFC’s got a good crust but fucking totally lacks on the heat scale. Even the hot wings aren’t that spicy. Why aren’t we passionate about that?

So… maybe take a breath before we build that soapbox…and while I am firmly #TeamNoKetchup, at the end of this day or the next… what you put on your eggs really isn’t any of my business. And it should not affect how we interact.

2 thoughts on “Wanna Talk About Something Stupid.

  1. Monica S.

    I so get what you’re saying. I recently had similar discussions with friends regarding Starbuck’s and Apple and my response in both cases was “okay, so don’t buy their products”. As you said, there are other concerns that are worth my anger.

  2. Anastasia

    McDonalds is a cause of similar strife, as is Walmart. My friend just gave me grief the other day for liking CPK. Eat it or don’t. Drink it or don’t. Shop there or don’t. I am tired of having to defend my choices. I’m sure everyone else is too.

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