Rhys Ford’s CafePress Store has been updated!

Store Link is here: https://www.cafepress.com/rhysford

Finally got the Chibi merch up. These were created by the fabulous Em Chan of Stupid Fox fame. Huge shout out and thank you to Em… who also did Ivo’s tattoo for the upcoming 415 Ink: Hellion novel.

AND there’s a new Crossroads Gin shirt to celebrate the Euro Invasion tour coming in March! I’ll be at the St Pancras and the Salon du Livre mid-March. More details to follow BUT I will have Euro Invasion backstage passes at both events to celebrate the Sinners heading over the pond!

Lots of Chibi with all the couples… including Brigid and Donal but I’m only putting a few here.  A sample of what you’ll find and yes, I do distress these but that’s because of the printing process CafePress uses. If they’re not distressed, then it becomes a solid, unforgiving block of stiffness on your shirt. This allows a bit of fabric to cut into the design and make it nicer to wear. Trust me on this 😀

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