It is now Tuesday…

Rough weekend. Actually rough couple of weeks. Hard chapters to write and well, it does things to the brain. Coupled with the edges of either a sinus infection or the flu circling around me, I’m tired and brain-worn.

It’s been months since HarleyDoodle came into the household and Yoshi is still not all that keen on the kitten. Who is now probably half again as big as Yoshi.

WriterCat Yoshi however makes up for it in pure grit and foul attitude.

So, hopefully they’ll coexist. Hissing is down to a minimum. And they can share a couch / bed if they ignore one another.

The dog is still scared shitless of both of them and is confused as to why Harley keeps attacking him. SHE thinks it is playing because he has a built in cat toy on his ass. He is less than convinced of her good intentions.

Let’s see. I have a novella Once Upon A Wolf dropping in a couple of weeks. It’s kind of a part of an entire serialized thing. We’ll see how it works. The biggest problem with writing a connected story in small bits is they are smaller stories and you need all the bits. So, it’s a matter of people trusting the writer. We’ll see how that pans out. 😀 But regardless, I liked it. It’s sugary.

Which is good because my next two books after that were NOTHING sweet and sugary. Sure, some sweet moments but pretty much in for the haul.

Sin and Tonic is only a few months off and I’m halfway into 415 Ink: Savior and heading into the HEA. There’s that tipping point in the book when you’ve reached the deepest level of the write and it is time to pull it back up. I’m there.

Kind of like mowing a hilly lawn.

I have to finalize out the Kai plot stuff. There’s… so much stuff I want to do but let’s face it, I can’t do it all in one book.  There is a lot going on in Kai’s world and I just have to figure out what direction I want to go in first.

And coffee. All the coffee.

5 thoughts on “It is now Tuesday…

  1. Mary

    Omg can’t wait for Sin and Tonic but that comment made me nervous! Please let everything wrap up in the end and have Miki and Kane get their HEA. My heart is not gonna be able to take it. I just want my boys happy and in love ❤️❤️❤️

    1. I think the closest thing were going to get to in HEA between Yoshi and Harley doodle is going to be the fact that they eat out of the same dish because they don’t want separate dishes. I don’t get it.

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