Answering Questions about Salon du Livre and Book Signing

Salon du Livre Information Regarding Dreamspinner Press Inventory and Bringing Books To Be Signed. (As of 6 Jan 2017)
1. In February, Dreamspinner Press will be doing a preorder sale for delivery in Paris (as done in the past for GRL) so people can place orders at that time for any books they absolutely must have. The sale will apply to all paperbacks regardless of language. Other than those orders, all books brought in specifically for Salon du Livre will only be in French. So, if you are attending the Salon du Livre and wish to purchase books to be picked up at the event, please watch for the sale.
2. The event HAS allowed people bring books to be signed in the past, so unless the policy has changed, that shouldn’t be a problem BUT Dreamspinner Press will reach out to clarify if there has been any changes.
Currently as DSP knows, if you are bringing in books you already own, you can show them at the door and have them marked as already purchased and bring them in.
Once again, I will be signing from 12-2 on Saturday, 25 March 2017, along with TA Moore. Charlie Cochet and others will also be attending the event. Once I get the full signing schedule I will share it. I believe Charlie Cochet is later on that afternoon.

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