So Close To A Screaming Camel

I hope to post the screaming camel of happiness sometime this week. Who would have thought I’d be so happen to see a yodeling camel?

Spring has hit San Diego. Well sort of Spring-Winter in that we get rain and then some hot days and then some cold days and then more rain. We certainly need it.

I’ll be finalizing out the London and Paris trip in March. There’s going to be a London meetup, probably near Kings Cross… okay not probably. RIGHT near Kings Cross so it’ll be easy for people to find. That date will be March 22nd and it’ll be in the early evening. Probably around 6:30 or 7. TA Moore and I will both be there as well as a few readers. If you’d like to come, please RSVP when the announcement goes out.

Then off to Paris. Much fun! *grins*

That’s pretty much my focus for the time being. That and books. What’s going on with everyone else? I’m hoping to get Dim Sum Asylum wrapped up so I can start Tramps and Thieves. Going to love writing Rook and Dante again.

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