Hawaiian Humane Society Cheers On Their Last Adoptee

*hands you tissues before the video starts*

How the Hawaiian Humane Society said farewell to the last dog adopted out in their “Clear The Shelter” Drive.

This is a no-kill shelter and every effort is made by the facilities to find every animal a loving and attentive home. Most of my animals come from shelters but I do have a purebred Cairn who was an “Unadoptable”. Yoshi, the black and white cat on my avatar, showed up on our rooftop one day and well, moved in ala Dude. I urge all of you who are considering a pet, adopt one from the animal shelter or reach out to a breed rescue. There are thousands of really good, sweet souls out there who need a good home.

And as always, help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.

2 thoughts on “Hawaiian Humane Society Cheers On Their Last Adoptee

  1. lisa44837

    My kitty Atticus was literally rescued from a ditch. And my Charlie kitty who’s crossed the Rainbow bridge was adopted from my grandma after she passed so he wouldn’t have to live with strangers or go to a shelter.

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