Wow. It’s Friday Already

Actually that’s a lie. I’ve been waiting for this Friday for a bit now. Gotta pack for Kansas City because GRL starts next week. I will be making swag packages when I come back for anyone who wants one.  Maybe I should make something unique for anyone who comments on this blog for the swag packets. What do you think? Opinions? *grins*

I know you all have opinions.

We’re circling around to election day. And God, please vote. Just vote. I’m voting this weekend and as I’ll be in the UK when that day hits, I’m counting on all of you to make sure I have a nice country to come back to! My mom used to say that to us when we were kids… well not country so much as house. Make sure I have a nice house to come back to.

Like I was going to build a pool while she was at work or something.

I am probably going to hazard a dump cake in the coming month. I’ve made them before in the past but they were way too sweet. I like cake. But I don’t like frosting. A dump cake in theory is a great solution. Still way too sweet. Maybe I should just make the  cake part and leave it at that. Best thing in the world? Hot chocolate cake with butter.

And coffee.

Vietnamese coffee. Mmmmmmm.

So, today’s question… favourite desserty thing?

40 thoughts on “Wow. It’s Friday Already

  1. Jodi Slaughter

    Homemade mini doughnuts rolled in sugar and Chinese 5-spice while still screaming hot.
    With all the coffee. Yum

  2. Amy Darling

    I’m pretty simple. It’s all about chocolate for me. I love brownies with Reese’s Pbutter cups baked in them. Mmmmmmmmm

    BTW I’m totally on your page about Reeses’s pieces. Yuck yuck yuck

  3. Samsun

    Mmmmmm…Cake. Frosting not so much, since most is too much and too sweet. depending on the cake, I like a dusting of powdered sugar, or a dusting of cocoa, or a dusting of chili powder. All are awesome. Except Angel Food cake. That’s like eating sugar air with texture that is like a rubbery sponge. Favorite cakes: Chocolate, rum cake, poppyseed tea cakes. Maybe we can give cake to all those who vote! Vote and get cake! That would be a run at the polls.

  4. bastdazbog

    Apple-Cranberry pie is a favorite. But I generally eat it for breakfast, not dessert so does it still count as a desserty thing? 🙂

  5. Brenda

    I make a killer pumpkin bread, not overly sweet, but then add in some dark chocolate chips, heaven on a plate. 🙂

  6. Carlene mclaughlin

    Carrot cake. Also red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

    I would love some swag especially a neko!

  7. tamikamclaurin

    Hi Rhys!!!!

    I’m a sucker for an incredible chocolatey brownie. I love them. Put walnuts in it and it’s ridiculous. I’ll give for a decadent chocolate cake as well.

    I’ll take any swag but if I’m being honest anything Cole McGinnis will do. A spoon would make my day as well. Lol. That’s how much I love him.

  8. Key Lime Pie when I’m out somewhere – or the Julian Boysenberry Apple Crumb pie – OMG, I eat the entire thing…. So bad.

    I got my mail ballot yesterday. Now to vote and mail in ASAP!

  9. Marilyn Adam

    We have an abundance of apples on the tree this time of year so I love to make Apple Crumble topped with vanilla ice cream. And hoping I get me somma that swag!! Have a wonderful trip, wish I could go, too!

  10. Sue

    I’m commenting for swag! I haven’t missed a Rhys swag til this year so here’s hoping I qualify! As for cake, I love the frosting. I could eat more frosting than cake. I do love a dump cake though. Cherry dump cake with Cool Whip!

  11. Juli-Anna Dobson

    My go to is a good brownie with nuts and some French vanilla ice cream

    Can’t wait to see you next week

  12. Sue Kesby

    Oh, where to start … this is an unfair question for a woman with a sweet tooth …..

    OK, since I don’t think of cake as a dessert …… Eton Mess made with strawberries … Banoffee Pie (with extra cream) ….. best quality vanilla icecream with clotted cream and mashed-up bananas … can I stop now?!

  13. sophiesolis397259782

    Nothing beats a good ol’ cheesecake!

    So bummed not being able to go to GRL this yr! I still need Dirty Hearts signed!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭. Hopefully i’ll get to stalk u somewhere else to complete my collection 😬😬

  14. Since I have an allergy to eggs, cake; not so much. I love hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream (the one with only cream, sugar and vanilla of course) It melts and gives it a wonderful kick.

    A bite of warm pie and cold ice cream… MMMmmmm….

  15. I’m hypoglycemic and lactose intolerant, so I’m dessert challenged. 😀 I reinvented my fudgy brownie recipe though (used coconut oil instead of butter) and I can have a tiny square without flying around the room, bouncing off walls. These crumbly moist fudgy brownies are great with coffee and are mouthwatering with whipped cream and berries. Darn it! Now I’m craving a no-no.

  16. meep

    Generally anything chocolate, warm dark-chocolate cake is sooo good. Dieting and have discovered a Date-Cocoa recipe (no flour, butter…) that tastes like Brownies – if you don’t like frosting you might try a Date-mix concoction.

    But my favourite bought out treat is a Fresh Custard Slice (ideally from Greggs (UK bakery chain))

  17. jenf27

    I will be voting as soon as my ballot arrives in the mail. Should be this week.

    My favorite dessert is hot chocolate chip, oatmeal, walnut cookies with a glass of cold, nonfat milk.

  18. Jessica

    Anything chocolate. But no nuts or coconut. And the darker the better.

    As far as swag… Any swag is good swag. 😁 I just know I want some.

  19. Kat

    Ben and Jerry’s pish food! An oldie but goody. And swag is swagalicious! I say go for it. 😎

  20. lisa44837

    Anything chocolate or cheesecake. I’m usually not too picky about dessert. I say yes to sway. And yes to voting. I haven’t received my absentee ballot that I sent for 3 weeks ago so it looks like I’ll be standing in line at the polls with everyone else. So many important things this election year!

  21. Sadonna

    I had a truly amazing coconut panna cotta a couple weeks ago in Cincinnati. It was perfect!

    I’m doing early voting before GRL as well. I am normally out of town on election day since it’s stupidly still a Tuesday.

  22. Anastasia

    I like most cakes that are chocolate. Or spice. Cinnamon, nutmeg and clove are love! (Must bake a spice cake soon…) I also really like apple pie, especially sugarless apple pie, and I don’t mean using that artificial sugar crap. *shudder* In all things dessert, I don’t like anything too sweet. I grew up surrounded by baklava and tourtes (Tortes? Little mostly cream or frosting cake things that rot your teeth just looking at them.) Ugh! No thank you.

    PS: I’m up for swag, especially Sinners swag. 😁

  23. Teresa C

    Chocolate Oatmeal Cake with a dusting of Powdered Sugar. I keep looking for the perfect brownie recipe, but haven’t found it yet.
    I also keep looking for a blondie recipe that I made once about 20 years ago, and then lost the recipe, dang it.

  24. Cherry Starr

    SWAG! Maybe something Sinners?

    I love old fashioned raisin cake. The kind without eggs or milk. Hmmmm. Now I have to go bake one. Lol

  25. Ice Cream. Specifically Cookies & Cream or Moosetracks. Or Grandma’s Anise Cookies. The kind you cut out the shapes and decorate with icing and sugar sprinkles.

  26. Renee

    Swag!! I love your stuff! I’m afraid there is no leaving the house good. Not for this election anyway. Lesser of two evils. Sour candy is the best.

  27. Kerri

    Ooh swaaag! Yaas girl! And this election, may all of the gods in the universe take pity on us. Someday we’ll have to explain this election to our kids. And pie, warm pie with vanilla icecream on top. The best. Well, the best at everything that isn’t hips or thighs, but some things we have to overlook for pie.

  28. Renee

    Love swag!! Would love to have some! Favorite dessert chocolate pie with meringue- the absolute best!

  29. voyagerrenee8

    Well….anything chocolate, especially cupcakes with home made icing (not the sugary grocery store kind). But a favorite, non-chocolate treat is strawberry rhubarb pie….sweet and tart, yum!

    I also like swag. Like the chocolate, I wouldn’t be picky. 😉 Have fun at GRL and the UK, hopefully the house will be fine when you get back (please, please).

  30. I crave a thick slice of Trader Joe’s chocolate babka, heated in the microwave for about 9 seconds. Pastry flaky chewy chocolaty melty sinful goodness.

    Sometimes I curse my brother for introducing me to it, because now every trip to TJ’s involves a not-buying-it-today contest of wills between me and my id.

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