GRL Swag Notice

GRL SWAG NOTICE: I will be carrying Neko and Back Stage Passes with me at all times. If you see me and want one, ask me and I’ll hand them over.

The Neko, Back Stage Passes, keychains and stickers swag will be available at my Author Lounge (Friday 2 pm to 2:45 pm in the Washington Park Foyer) and the Featured Author signing (Saturday, 1 pm to 4 pm, Washington Park Foyer)

I will not have the keychains or stickers on me so if you want a guitar pick, dog tag keychain and/or sticker, find me at the Lounge or the Signing.

Remember: One Neko per person as they are a part of a contest for GRL participants. In the event of leftover Neko (I might have a few), I will hold a lottery for them in my facebook group.

Grab a Neko, Take a Pic, Share the Pic, Enter to win.

There will be swag available to anyone not going to GRL. I’ll put that up once I get back from the UK. *grins*





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