So Tired.

Life is soooo fraught with stuff! Mostly because I’m scrambling for GRL stuff because you know… stuff! I am winding down on swag and packing stuff up. I do hope to have swag packages but I don’t know how many. Or if there is a need.

Weather here just got a bit drizzly today. So that’s actually nice. I love rain. I could use more rain. Like a thunderstorm would be great. *grins*

How is life going for all of you? What’s the next three months look for you?

12 thoughts on “So Tired.

  1. Kendra Patterson

    Fall seems to have hit us here in Oklahoma. It’s low 60’s today. Glad we don’t have any drizzle though. Good luck getting ready for GRL.

  2. Geraldine

    Hi Rhys! You said you were coming to the UK soon? Glad you like rain! There’s plenty of it at the mo. Didn’t you get caught in showers last time you visited? Take care, don’t work too hard and looking forward to your next book!

    1. It was clear until we decided to do tourist things in London… because everyone who lived there was all… you know.. we’ve never been. Double decker bus… all the cliches. GOT DRENCHED! 😀

  3. Here in Yorkshire, England, the nights have turned chilly, kick starting the Autumnal colour change, I live in the country and you can smell it, that rich earthy smell of the fields, newly rotivated and ready to sow next year’s crop…’s my favourite time of year 🍁🍂🎃

    1. I’ll be landing in Heathrow on the 4th then over to Swindon for a bit. After that, we’re off to Somerset then Cornwall for a few. Renting a cottage then staying at an Inn 😀

  4. Erica Fisher

    Hi Rhys it’s starting to cool down here in Dublin , OH I am so not looking forward to winter except using the fireplace and reading next to it. We have some 5k races and one 4 miler race in the coming weeks. Nothing too exciting. Have a safe trip to the GRL and have fun.

  5. Kat Flores

    Do you ever think you’re over-thinking something? I really want to get another tattoo and I was set on a ring of daisies around my ankle (the other has mighty mouse), but then a character in a book has one on his butt and it says, “If you can read this you’re too close and should proceed with caution. ” So now I’m torn. I seriously love the quote, but don’t think it works well on an ankle. And I’m really not interested in a tramp stamp or tattoo on my rear. So quote or daisies or something else? Sigh… The struggle is real. 😉

    1. I would say do you feel you want to put that on your skin for life? Do you want to wear that sentiment past death? That’s always what I ask myself. 😀

  6. Stan Errington

    Here in Durham, North East England it is wind and rain. I have another (sigh) spinal op to look forward to, so a few weeks of rest and recovery, but on a positive I will be able to indulge myself and read to my hearts content, so definitely glass half full – ‘grins’

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