New Book, New Facebook Group, & Dim Sum

So a lot’s been going on with regards to my keyboard and Word. I just got notice that my latest submission to Dreamspinner Press has entered the editing queue (Poor Grace, my lead editor) and will be out in March.

The book is called “There’s This Guy” and it’s a bit of a departure for me in that I don’t actively murder someone in it. This isn’t a murder mystery, paranormal or urban fantasy. I was sort of “challenged” to write a contemporary and thought, okay… let me have a go at it. As one of my betas put it… Oh I can definitely tell you wrote it.

I’ll do a cover reveal once I get a blurb and a publication date but basically it’s about Jake and Dallas, two men who come at life from vastly different perspectives. Jake needs a bit of healing and Dallas is definitely someone to have in your corner for support.

This will be a standalone but let me tell you, it’s difficult not to murder someone. It’s just the way I lean. I went through all of the OMO is this going okay feelings and doubts I always have when writing so the book went true to form. It was a great challenge and stretched a few brain muscles that needed stretching.

So I was all… okay, ready for the killing again.

And instead, I’m working on Dim Sum Asylum. Expanding it to a full length novel. Which is a bit insane because you know, urban fantasy so I have a lot of room to work with.

Dim Sum is different from Kai in that Roku has sex. There’s sex on the page. Roku has relationships. Kai has to learn how to have them so the jumping off point is a bit different. I’m enjoying having the faerie in San Francisco in Roku’s world. The logistics of wings…dealing with INSECT WINGS… is a fun challenge. Clothing! Seriously, thank God the wings bend or I’d be dealing with transportation issues as well.

Lastly, I have started a Rhys Ford Reader group on Facebook. There are a lot of reasons it’s on Facebook and I hope that even if you aren’t on Facebook regularly, you consider joining. It’s an open group for another week then I’ll be closing it so only members can view, post, comment and participate in exclusive contests and ARC lotteries. I weighed all the pros and cons of where to put the group…and it had to be in one location for logistical reasons. I know I’d botch managing multiple locations and Facebook provided a good, solid and lockable portal.

If you are interested you can see and join the group at this link. Rhys Ford’s Coffee, Cats & Murder


That’s it for now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I need more coffee and um… I have to get back to cursed statues. *grins*

15 thoughts on “New Book, New Facebook Group, & Dim Sum

  1. meep

    Honestly? A book with no murders? No bullets? No icky spilt intestines (I’ve notice you enjoy describing those!)? Are you feeling quite okay? Should we worry about you?

    Otherwise, yay new book 🙂 and yay Dim Sum, I enjoyed the short it was funny.

    I’m possibly the only person on the planet not on facebook, but have fun.

    1. It’s not a mystery. 😀 We’ll leave it at that.

      Honestly, the Facebook group will be nice because I can do contests there I can’t do all over the various platforms. So that’s the only reason I’d suggest joining 😀

  2. Kendra Patterson

    Really looking forward to Dim Sum Asylum full length novel. I looked the novella in the anthology you participated in. And a contemporary from you sounds intriguing since your murder mysteries are so good.

  3. A Rhys Ford book with no murder / killing. Whoa. 😉 Thank you for starting the group, although I will most likely lurk as it is hard to keep up with the social media some days, it will help me keep up to date. Happy to hear that you are expanding Dim Sum Asylum. xo

  4. Anastasia

    I am on FB way too much. I mean, where else am I going to share my lustbunnies for a certain Japanese figure skater? No one here follows the sport. And so, in between drooling over tight(!) black practice clothes and squeeing over sparkly program costumes and sighing for the ridiculously talented young man wearing said outfits, I would love to have another place to share time with like minds. Just forgive my temporary ignorance as I rush to catch up on all books RhysFord. I do need to work sadly, though it takes time from reading.
    PS: coffeecoffeecoffee!
    PPS: No cats here atm. My last girl, Diesel, passed a few years ago, at 21!

    1. I am sorry but I had to make a choice for one portal and that’s the most dynamic. It was a long, protracted marketing discussion. Trust me. Lots of back and forth on the whys and what to dos. 😀

  5. Renee

    I rushed right over! Glad to have a place to catch up, I’m not very good at following the email that link me to this page. I enjoy it but spend my little free time, when I’m not reading or working, on Facebook

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