Thank you for hanging out with us…and a list of the winners!


A sincere and heartfelt thank you from both Greg and I. Thank you for putting up with my glitchiness and well, I’m in full admiration of Greg’s organizational and professional skills. The dog of course extended his opinion and now is lounging about as if he wasn’t a pain in the butt. The cat promptly threw up the rose leaf she’d munched on and then asked for dinner. Ah the glorious life I lead.

That being said… thank you. Truly and deeply, thanks to all of you for being there…and being here. We are nothing without you. I’ll have you know. Your support and good wishes carry us forward every step of the way and in all of this, I hope we… Greg and I… keep you company on the days when perhaps you need a bit of cheer, a bit of tears and a whole hell of a lot of love. So please take with you our deepest gratitude.

And a few prizes….

Here are the winners of the whirlwind ride we took on the thingmahopper earlier today! I will be reaching out to people via email from comments but if you are a winner and would like to email me, that would be great. Email me at rhysford (at) vitaenoir (dot) com.

First the four GRL brunch attendees are…. (we’ll be contacting you with details~!)
Elise Hansen
Becca Johnson (NurseBecca)
Morningstar Ashley
Marcia Gleason

Now for the rest of the prizes!

Half Hour One
Signed paperback of their choice.                     Waxapplelover
5 lbs Albanese Gummi Bears                              Brenda (caorbust)
$25 (B&N), gift certificates                                 JeanReads2
$50 gift certificate (online store of choice)         meep

Half Hour Two
Vietnamese Coffee Kit                                            Alyssa Yu
An embroidered SFPD Morgan hoodie              Juliana Dobson
$100 gift certificate (online store of choice)       Zunnix

Half Hour Three
Signed paperback of their choice.                        Maite Suppes
Vietnamese Coffee Kit                                            Marte Stitch
$25 (Amazon), gift certificates                              Angel Tilton
$50 gift certificate (online store of choice)         Elizabeth Marshall

Half Hour Four
5 lbs Albanese Gummi Bears                               Heather Cook
A hand forged Neko bottle opener                      Juliana (oceanakers)
Become a character in Tramps & Thieves         Jan (jehawkins)
$100 gift certificate (online store of choice)      Heather McDowell

Congrats to everyone who entered as well as those who won! Thank you all again. We’ll do this again sometime soon!

14 thoughts on “Thank you for hanging out with us…and a list of the winners!

  1. Sadonna

    So much fun! Loved seeing you and Greg and the readings and just Jae – *sigh* Looking forward to seeing you both at GRL in October 😀

  2. Juli-Anna Dobson

    While I really wanted to win the brunch.. Cause food, you and Greg is a winning combination. However the hoodie was my next pick.. Can’t wait to see what it looks like.

    1. I’m pretty sure we can find some time to do coffee with you or something *winks* And god, I wish we could take everyone who entered.

      So…. email me your size and address. rhysford at vitaenoir dot com

      And we can talk about the jacket!

  3. meep

    Thank you both, it was lovely hearing your thoughts and the readings were amazing.
    Was thrilled to have so many questions answered, I threw a load out there and really didn’t think you’d cover so many. Also VERY glad you let Claudia live! she holds them all together.

    You both seem a lot of fun 🙂

    Had a few seconds glitch here and there, came back from one to hear Greg saying what ‘meep’ meant to him.
    Only just seen what I won *faints*

    1. Morning! Now I’ve had a mouthful of coffee, I’m a bit more coherent!

      It was lovely. I was a spazzing mess and Greg of course as always was professional and gracious.

      Heh. Claudia. Poor Clauda. *hugs*

      1. meep

        LOL I seem to be sticking close to the coffee-maker today too 😉 no promises of coherency though.

        You were both lovely. And the pets said hello too.
        You make a winning team 🙂


  4. Maite

    Thank you for a great time! Had to leave early but finished listening to it this morning. Really cool idea and I won something! 😀 I laughed when Greg called me Mite….lol.

    1. He’s adorable. Of course it makes me sound like a stalker because I interact with all of you and know bits and pieces about your lives. AND you get a book! You won!

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