Talking Dirty Prize Entry Post 4 (FINAL) (Closes at 6:00 PST / 8:00 EST)

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Become a character in Tramps & Thieves
$100 gift certificate (online store of choice)

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73 thoughts on “Talking Dirty Prize Entry Post 4 (FINAL) (Closes at 6:00 PST / 8:00 EST)

  1. Shannon Hayes

    You guys are so much fun I’ve really enjoyed listening to you guys while I do homework

  2. Alyssa U.

    Rhys & Greg— What book or piece of literature do wish you had been the one to write or perform?

  3. Yay, I won! And no I didn’t win before. πŸ˜‰ You read my question out loud, about wanting to share funny scene from books you are working on.

  4. Heather

    Hope you have a fantastic time at GRL! Thank you for letting us celebrate your anniversary with you πŸ™‚

  5. Sadonna

    I’m really loving audiobooks. I didn’t think I would – my first foray was a bust. But thankfully, you guys restored my faith. Between Rhys’s Dirty books and Mary’s Mangrove series – love love love!!!

  6. Susan Cosnick

    Lol! I have never thrown my Kindle, but you definitely have had me talking out loud to you, Rhys!

  7. I love how you brought Jae to life in your reading. I do enjoy listening to male voices narrating the characters as it brings the book and them to life. Is there any of your books (Rhys) or book recordings (Greg) that you would like to go back and change/re-record?

  8. Brenda

    Thank you Rhys for the amazing worlds you have created, and Greg for bringing them to life verbally.

  9. kanundra

    So, I went and bought the whole series. Greg sold me on it. But I’m not totally sold on the PI thing… however, it’s not the first I’ve listened to, so…. we’ll see.

    Almost 2am here in the UK and I’m so happy I stayed up. πŸ™‚ you guys are awesome…. I want you both in the UK when can you visit! I have to have the whole time off!

  10. Stephanie VO

    I love you guys. I love all your books Rhys and I love how you, Greg, make the characters come alive. I do have a question. Which is your favorite character in any of your books?

  11. Janel Carr

    Greg- I am seriously loving listening to you read these little bits. I find it amazing how you slip so easily into the scenes and the voices of the characters.

  12. Question: when and how did Greg find out Rhys had written him into Dirty Heart?

    You briefly mentioned it. I grinned when I hear the narration of that part. πŸ˜€

  13. Random Question because I have been looking at it for an hour and a half…what is the picture behind Rhys with the light blue around it over her shoulder LOL

  14. Elizabeth Marshall

    Wahoo! πŸ˜€ Thank you for picking me and Thank you for both answering my question. I always find it interesting how people react to ‘bad’ books.
    I’ve had a pretty rough day today and you’ve both improved it greatly. Great fun listening to you and I’ve learnt some new things! Will be listening to the end. πŸ™‚

  15. Sarah Slocum

    Jae is probably my favorite character because he introduced me to a culture I didn’t know much about. Though I have still have yet to try kimchi and I would probably handle it as well as Cole does.

  16. edga

    Thanks for answering my question on ad libbing. For Rhys : who is your most loved character and your most disliked? (Selected from yr own characters).

  17. meep

    –not to enter–

    Big thanks for answering my blog questions – enjoyed hearing your thoughts.
    (kinda figured no Braedon, it actually bugs me in stories when everyone turns gay, too unrealistic. But worth asking! haha)

    Love the readings, so much emotion and that strength of Jae

    *heart* to both of you

  18. Christy Y

    Thank you for sharing the off page future of Connor and Forest. They are 2 of my favorite characters and it soothes my heart knowing they will add children to their family.

  19. Well, I’m gonna have to buy the entire Cole Mcginnis series on audio books now! Good thing I have unused credits! Thank you for the video chat, Rhys and Greg.

  20. Oh my gosh, I’ve officially fallen in love with Greg’s narrating and Rhys’ amazing writing. Why have I never bought an audiobook before? Consider me converted πŸ˜€ Farewell to the rest of my free time, haha!

  21. (Don’t count – already won). Thank you both for a fantastic two hours. I had a lot of fun listening to your conversation, answers, and the Dirty Bits reading that we didn’t get to hear anywhere else. So great to hear from Jae’s point of view. Love Cole & Jae & all the supporting characters (at least the nice ones).

  22. Thanks for the stream Greg and Rhys. Happy anniversary! I’m going to sleep now. It’s almost 3.30 am for me in Norway. *wince* Oh well. It was worth it!! Bye!

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