Gus Gus Update

8069775930_f92b13d78d_oIt is May 12.

Just got a call from the vet about the mass they removed from his chest. It is a benign skin tag like mass. It was all removed and there is no cause for worry.

The stitches he has on his chest will be absorbed and he can go on being his playful, pain in the ass self.

So… TL;DR version: The Blond Dude is fine. Napping in a sunbeam to commence.

On a side note: this is him as a puppy. Not much has changed. He might be a little happier now but that’s probably because he’s being visited by an Irish scritcher and a whole bunch of other people. It’s been a very busy Gus Gus week.


12 thoughts on “Gus Gus Update

  1. Glad you had great news about Gus Gus, Rhys. Never miss your posts, but it’s been awhile since I left a word. Very happy for all the book news too (State of the Rhys) and of course count me in for each and every one. As for the previous post, since I needed an excuse to splurge (bad day yesterday-depression sucks) off I go to get my hands er, ears on Clockwork Tangerine. 😀

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