5 thoughts on “Clockwork Tangerine in Audible!

  1. So, you’ve very quickly become my favorite author. During tax season (I work for an accountant, yay!), I switched to audio books, and discovered Greg Tremblay’s voice. I loved his voice so much I searched to see what else he did (my discovery of him was not on one of your books, sadly).

    Low and behold I saw all the books he’s done of yours and I fell in love. Dare I say it could become a kink of mine. (It’s certainly become an obsession!)

    So now I know what my next audible book will be, because I don’t want to listen to Dirty Hearts just yet, I’m not ready to let Cole and everyone go.

    1. Ah go listen. He does a fantastic job. AND Cole will be back. Eventually. One day. *grins* The arc had to end. It was time. 😀 *hugs*

      Greg is awesome.

      1. I’m finishing up Black Dog Blues, and then I’ll start Dirty Heart, especially now that you told me that Cole will be back! <3

        Greg is amazing. You are amazing. As a team … You two are INCREDIBLE! He does your written words justice!

        Thank you for writing amazing characters that I have fallen madly in love with and can't get enough of!

      2. I adore working with Greg. I am so happy to have discovered his existence *grins* because I have gained a brother. He’s a fantastic soul and I am so lucky to know him.

        Cole and Jae will be back in the far future. It’s time for an HEA for them. And when I have a story to tell about them, I shall 😀 Promise.

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