It’s a Rhys Ford Weekend over at Dreamspinner Press!

Which sounds so…. well, you know what it sounds like 😀 BUT all kidding aside,

Your weekend begins with these 99 cents eBooks by Rhys Ford:

Sinners Gin: a rock star and a detective fall in love while solving a murder (;

Murder and Mayhem: a cop does more than help a jewel thief clear his name (; and

Fish and Ghosts: a romance between a reclusive ghost hotelier and a supernatural skeptic (

Now’s the time to sample a series! WOOOOOOOT!

6 thoughts on “It’s a Rhys Ford Weekend over at Dreamspinner Press!

  1. Kendra Patterson

    Good deal! I already have them though cause I can’t wait for your books to go on sale. Gotta get them as soon as they’re out. 🙂

  2. Me three. I get twitchy until they’re on preorder. Waiting on that preorder for Absinthe of Malice. Yep that’s me just waiting. Unfortunately the first installment of that Jeopardy song will be playing on a loop for awhile. A little sigh of contentment when I click that buy button then followed by another loop for a couple weeks. That is if the rumor is true.

  3. MissWallE

    Thanks for the deal but I am an impatient Rhys junkie too. I have them all but I can get some more friends hooked. We love you Rhys.

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