Grand Prize Winner of the Dirty Heart Tour Announced!

dirty_heart_cover_smaller_blogAnd we actually had ONE more winner of the Dirty Heart Tour! The grand prize of becoming a character in the next Murder and Mayhem novel. *cheers*

Got all of the winning entries from the tour and did a random number draw…

Insert some kind of drumroll….

The winner is: Sadonna!

I’ll be pinging Sadonna in a little bit. If she doesn’t respond to me, I shall… probably weep or something but I have faith.

Congrats to everyone who entered the Dirty Heart tour and um… stay tuned for further developments.

Okay, mostly me wondering where the hell I put my pen.

2 thoughts on “Grand Prize Winner of the Dirty Heart Tour Announced!

  1. Sharon Cox

    Congratulations to Sadonna. I’m very interested in seeing what you do to her. I’m sure that you have some interesting plans racing around in that mind of yours.

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