Gus Gus Update.

3947234333_111b28c0bf_oGus Gus is out of surgery, groggy and apparently hitting the nurses up for belly rubs.

They pulled 5 teeth, sent the lump on his chest in for testing (cancer is hovering in my brain and I’m hating it). They found a foxtail in his gums because he chews grass and I’ve called the lawn people to eradicate those from our back yard. No idea where the hell he got that from.

I really am hoping the lump is benign. ‘Cause you know, we just went through cancer with Neko and he’s still a young dog.

He’s going to have to wear a t-shirt because he likes to scratch his belly on the concrete…such a weirdo…and we can’t have him irritate the incision.

15 thoughts on “Gus Gus Update.

  1. Maryann

    My cat CJ had 13 teeth pulled and a tumor removed from his ear, 3 years ago. He’s 9 years old now and doing well. So lots of positive thoughts to Gus-Gus!!!

  2. Geraldine

    Lots of love and good thoughts to you both.❤️ Fingers crossed everything will be okay.

  3. Li

    Have you tried an animal healer- most are pretty good.Thanks for the photo – now all your readers can beam the good stuff at him.S’got to help huh? Wishing you both happy peaceful thoughts😇

  4. No!😣
    I am with all the others sending love & healing thoughts.
    We all need to see that furry face for many moons to come!
    Now I must go annoy my cats with many hugs & smooches…

  5. I feel for you and Gus, as I am having the same worries with my own dog who just had her eye removed due to a tumour (hopefully benign). I’ll send some positive thoughts your way for Gus and hope we both get good news.

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