The Novel Approach ARC Contest Winners

Absinthe_Malice_RhysFordMorning! And now I’ve had some coffee. I was emailing the winners of the contest without some in me and my fingers aren’t quite connected to my brain.

So…the contest winners are:

  • Ericka 
  • Kristina 
  • Jean Reads
  • Jennifer

 A poll was also run for Fave Band Member and Fave Couple in the series. No votes for Donal and Brigid. But then I don’t think they were an option *grins*. Results are as follows:

Miki won Fave Member of the Band with a whopping 64% of the votes.

Fave Couple goes to Miki & Kane, with 45% of the votes, Rafe & Quinn came in second with 26%. Forest & Connor gave them a run for the money, though, at 22%.

Thank you ALL for entering and I hope everyone enjoyed the contest. Can’t wait for the tour. *grins*

16 thoughts on “The Novel Approach ARC Contest Winners

  1. Cappa

    I would be curious to hear what the results would have been if selecting more than one option was possible. I know when I was taking the polls I kept thinking, “I have to pick ONE!?” and I still wasn’t sure I had actually picked the “right” one after waffling way longer than a little online poll should require.

    So kudos and thank you for giving us all such wonderful characters to love. And don’t worry, they are pretty much ALL our favorites. You just made us pick one (and it was hard!) I’m so excited for this release date!

    1. Marie

      Haha I was the same … I changed my mind so many times I just clicked submit before I could change my mind again!! I love ALL of them for different reasons 🙂

    1. There is never any timeline for audio. Sadly, we have no control. The narrators work as hard as they can but they can’t get the book until it’s uploaded into Amazon and then Audible has it’s own idea on things 😀

  2. Tess McDonald

    congrats to the winners of the ARC’s

    and omg it was sooo hard to vote for my fav, cause you know love them all, I’m glad Rafe & Quinn came second, yes I finally picked on and voted for them

  3. Treasure

    I’d read a Donal and Brigid prequel. That would mean Donal, Brigid and Connor in SF as immigrants lat seventies early eighties?

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