Adulting is Hard

I am so done with adulting and it’s not even 9 am.

Part of the biggest problem with owning a classic car is finding parts. Oh there are TONS of places that carry parts and you see everything you’d ever need… until that moment when you need that ONE thing then it’s like chasing ghosts through a maze.


Currently, my Firebird has no seats. Or rather it HAS seats but the seats sit too high and are too thick. So there’s not much room between the seat and the steering wheel and my head hits the roof. No Bueno. These are Scat Pro 80 1300s and the Gods of Summit Racing… notably Corky… have been trying to get an answer from the vendor about the seat height of the Scat Pro 80 1000s. Because in the photos, they look like they scoop down more like the original seats where as the 1300s are like a Jeep seat, which wasn’t apparent until they arrived, were mounted on a separate set of brackets then bolted into the Firebird.

That aside, the car runs beautifully. Just with no seats. Well working seats. The mechanics are probably sick of looking at Tengu as much as I am sick of not having him. The old seats can’t be put in. The brackets are just screwed and well, original parts. It’s time for them to go away.

Oddly enough, this little seat issue eats a lot of time. So much research to be done on what is going to be a straight bolt in versus a bracket bolt in which add inches to the seat height. Since the Firebird already has a well under the seat mounts which then drops down into the space under the dash, there’s not a lot of wiggle room for those seats to go up in height.

This is my life. So much of my time is spent on one form of research or another. And it’s odd because so much information goes into killing someone. We often joke that the FBI or other law agencies would be alarmed to dig out our browser history but then go… oh wait, writer.

For instance, I have an entire folder of bullet entrance and exit hole photos with calibers marked off, covering both hard and soft materials. Because you need to know these things when shooting cinder block, wood and um… melons. LOTS OF MELONS.

Pumpkins are also good because um… splatter.

And we have an incoming message from Summit! WOOOOOOOT! Hopefully it’s good news.

9 thoughts on “Adulting is Hard

  1. Angel

    Have you had a look at recaro seats? They do bucket seats that might be a fit for the bird.

  2. Patricia

    The mundane bits of life eventually find their way into a story…’s all valuable.

  3. Kendra Patterson

    I had a Metallic Blue ’78 Pontiac Firebird when I was a kid. Was shaped a lot like your car. They are beautiful cars. Glad to see you have one in such good condition. Good luck in the seat hunting.

  4. He’s such a dream! I remember you taking me for a ride in San Diego with him as our chariot!!!! I’m rooting for you and Tengu as you go through this Adulting process! xoxo

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