Ring Ring

So brain dead.

I should be waxing on about how bittersweet it is that the Cole McGinnis series is coming to an end but the truth of it is, I’m nostril deep in dragons and pissy elfin hybrids and March is sneaking up on me something fierce.

Home is nice. Home is very nice. The dog is a bit jumpy because when I go away, he gets hives. Seriously. It’s insane. I just gave him a bath with ph balancing soap to help soothe his skin. What he needs is a tub of valium. Sheesh.

And oh god I just went to research something really quickly and fell down a rabbit hole for 20 minutes. The internet is dangerous.

Something I wanted to remind people about are the free Dirty Ringtones Greg Tremblay graciously did for me. Such a lovely man. Five Stars. Great Service. Much Wow. All of that. Truly.

They come in multiple formats for both Android and Apple phones. Even perhaps those ghetto Windows phone someone talked a few people into.



And now… to go eat a handful of skittles while waiting for the rice to cook.

7 thoughts on “Ring Ring

  1. tamikamclaurin

    Can, I say the first thing that came to my mind with this blog post was….
    “Ring Ring”

    Lol soup commercials.

  2. Ha, I got those ringtones. They are fantastic. I haven’t been able to use any others because I like the “eyeballs, I’m not going to eat it if it has eyeballs” 🙂

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