Dirty And Stuff

I’ve been a bit AWOL mostly because I’m rounding the corner of finishing Kai 2. Towards the end of a book I get into a roll of hatred of words. Seriously, hatred. Like I have to go into blind typing because I don’t want to see the Word document. It get better. I just get brain blocked and have to push through it. I think a lot of us do that. Just pull the band-aid off. *grins*

Dirty Heart is around the corner, March 21st. I imagine as the day grows closer, I’ll get more maudlin. I imagine I’ll feel worse about Sinners because unlike Cole, there won’t be any coming back to Miki and the boys. It’s hard to say goodbye in some ways but others, it’s okay. Because you know, HEAs.

I actually like HEAs. I do. I work them into everything. Because really, deep down inside, I want there to be a happy.

I also want to talk about the evolution of the Dirty series covers. Because we’ve reached the end of the books, we can look at them in spectrum. The point of the covers was to start off with Cole’s life in the cold lonely he was in—the purples and blues. Then as his life with Jae went on, the covers would warm up to the russets and bronzes. It takes time and there’s a few hiccups along the way but in the end, there’s a hell of a lot of warmth. Notice the shift after Laundry. *grins*


Now I have to rebrand the Hellsinger books….and soon. I just have to find that right… flavour.

* I thank Gay Book Reviews for the book graphic base. I was going to do one but they did one before me so… *slides into my bag and trots off* so smooches and thank you.

10 thoughts on “Dirty And Stuff

  1. Brenda

    Rereading Dirty series in preparation for the 21st, can’t wait. Can you define rebrand Hellsinger? Love them as well and the word rebrand is making me nervous. *grins*

  2. edga

    Doing a reread at mo to prepare. Do we get to see Ichi and Bobby’s wedding? Hope so, I’m a romantic at heart <3 Hate to see the back of this series. Sigh 🙁 On the other hand looking forward to rebrand of Hellsingers. Love those books 🙂 But will cry when Sinners Series finally ends. Probably my favourite of all series :'(

  3. I’m so excited for this book, but I know I’m going to crash hard once I finish it😢
    Thanks so much for the ‘Dirty’. It’s been a wild and crazy ride.

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