Apologies. I’ve been a bit under the weather. Mostly the weather’s kicking my ass because that’s what weather seems to like doing. We keep snapping hot and cold and the breaks in my face along with my sinuses are not happy about it. Next week, we allegedly will be in the 80s. We’re all skeptical.

Nothing much is going on. Heading to Austin and lexington in a week so that’s cool. Will be hooking up with friends, readers, editors and Mary Calmes. Texted my dongsaeng Ren this morning that I was going to see Hoshi and PornoChun along with a picture of a latte I got this morning at Starbucks. Then realized, life is a kind of strange and odd place where we know one another’s names but really, it is the username we meet someone under that sticks in the brain the most.

The latte by the way is perfect. Just what I needed. Okay actually what I need is some sleep but the latte will be fine.

Trying to get Kai under some semblance of order. Rounding the bend to the end then I have to go back and gut some things. Wish me luck on the gutting.

Also got a pub date for Absinthe of Malice and a cover. I’ll be doing a reveal on The Novel Approach in a month or so. After the Dirty Heart stuff dies down.

I’m thinking of giving away Vietnamese Coffee Kits for the DH giveaways. What do you all think? It’s the last of the series. It should be something fun? What’s your opinions? I’m entertaining any input. Hell, I guess I better line up something for a tour as well. THAT would be a good idea, yes?

Time has gotten away from me in the past few months. It’s a giant blur of coffee and words. So… what do you all want for the final Cole McGinnis tour?

17 thoughts on “Blergh

  1. Michelle

    Right now, all I want for you is to feel better. So sorry the weather’s been making you feel like crap. πŸ™

  2. The words “final Cole McGinnis tour” gave me a twinge. I love Cole. Such a sweetie. I’m hoping to meet you in Austin in a couple weeks. I work that day, but am going to see if I can take off. Oh, about the giveaway, if I drank coffee, I’d be totally on board with that, but nope, tea drinker. I blame reading too many English mysteries.

  3. Geraldine

    Sorry you’re under the weather, Rhys, hope you feel better soon. But as for the tour, I want it not to be the last or to put that thought out of my mind……Cole 😭 Bobby 😭 Jai Min and Mama. Taking 3 antidepressants and going to bed with the audiobooks.

  4. Erin

    I hope you feel better soon!!

    What I really want, what I would LOVE even more than cool prizes or giveaways?? Something, ANYTHING from Jae’s POV!!!! It doesn’t really matter what it is, what it’s about (though hopefully Cole) but gah, just to get something from inside of him, his words would be SO AMAZING!

  5. tamikamclaurin

    Feel better Rhys.

    I’m in the avoidance phase of the Final Cole Tour.

    I want a a tea/coffee mug that says “Saranghae Cole-Ah” on it.

      1. tamikamclaurin

        I just want to drink my tea in this mug while reading my series over and over!!!

        **hugs this crew hard**

  6. *Hugs* Sinus headaches suck wind!😝 I hope you feel better.
    Hmm will have think on it…I know! Not so helpful. Heh
    *sighs* gonna restart the series.πŸ™ƒ

  7. The instant stuff you mention in the books??? Please πŸ™‚

    I attempted the real thing at the Vietnamese restaurant. There’s actually 2 locally in my small corner of the world and both are great but one is definitely Mom and Pop (soups are HUGE) and the other a little more “Canadian”… I had no idea how to pour it, how to mix it, how long to let it drip… Then there was the sweetened milk…. OMG… it was awful and I am certain it was totally my own fault.

    Hope you feel better and I too am in denial that the last book is coming out.

      1. Farmwifetwo

        Wish listed it on Amazon . Will see if I can find it before I order it. Thx

  8. edga

    Just read a review for last Cole book. OMG! Sounds amazing. Even reading that gave me shivers. What am I going to be like while actually reading it. Listening to audios to prepare. Hope up feeling better.

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