My Stoner Cat

My cat Tam is an addict. He shoots up once or twice a day (insulin), gets the munchies late at night (cat treats before bed) and most of all, needs a bit of weed every night.

Okay so it’s catnip but still, he needs it, man. And usually about 8ish if I’m anywhere near the cat post, Tam is MORE than happy to get hooked up. Actually he comes around like some guy hitting a pusher up in an alleyway. First he’ll sit on my feet while I’m working and then when I get up, immediately head over to the cat post to get hooked up.

As one does.

He’s sitting up there right now. Stoned and quite happy. And a little Cheshire Cat

11 thoughts on “My Stoner Cat

  1. Dennis Dowd

    Well, my cat is dead because of diabetes, and of course I have it. So far 1 in 11 people in the world now has diabetes and they say that number is climbing. It is us exporting the American Diet to the world. Anyway, I wanted to state how lucky your cat is and how nice you are for taking care of him so well.

  2. Cherry

    Lol. You gotta love them! It takes so little to make them happy.
    My Pandy Cat died a couple of weeks ago after 14 years of helping me through life’s ups and downs. I miss her terribly.

  3. Amy Darling

    So cute! What a great pic. He looks like my Rat who also gets his nightly dose of kitty-Crack I mean cat-nip.

  4. jenf27

    Cutest stoner I’ve ever seen! My cat gets crazy over the little milk rings you pull off plastic milk container lids. I saved a bunch up for him as a Christmas gift and he hoards them like a dragon.

  5. Kendra Patterson

    You’re SO lucky! The vet suggested we try catnip on my son’s cat. He barely sniffed it and ran away, continuing on to trash anything he can. Ugh! 😕 It’s a good thing my son loves him.

  6. Maryann

    Try wheat grass. I grow it for my CJ and he loves it. Eating the grass helps their digestive system.

  7. pj montemayor aka qwarrior

    He looks like there should be a text bubble above his head reading:

    “Hey it was like this when I got here!!!”

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